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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Other things I have worked on that I haven't posted

Just to showcase my sewing talent (eh hem), here are some things I have made in in the past.

Here is another one of my clothes pin hangers.  They are very handy for things besides clothes pins.  I use mine for all my knitting/ crochet needles.  I made this one for my Mom about a year or more ago.  It still hangs in there with the conditions they live in.  I took this picture on my recent trip out there and the one below I took in August 2012.

With no pattern on hand, I made this BBQ apron for my Dad based solely on measurements   I must of thought he was 10 feet tall, look at the length on that!! Thankfully when he washed it, it shrunk and now fits perfectly.  Do you still wear it +Clark Jillson ?

I originally made this shirt for me, but it didn't fit.  So I gave it to my Mom.  Looks great on her!

I made this sewing machine cover out of scraps.  No pattern and was very easy.

 I made this apron from a pattern with some modifications for Mom.  It's cute but probably not very practical.  She pulls it out of hiding when I come over :))   

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