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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Appliance covers

Very simple and quick project.  Used one piece of fabric per appliance with very little cutting.  I made a cover for a food processor and blender.  Toaster is next! I didn't use any interfacing to provide structure to the fabric since I wanted these to be easy to store and wash.  Very easy to fold or roll into a ball when the appliance is in use.

Something everyone should have!

After many drives to the desert called Sacramento, I found myself burning in the passenger seat with the sun hitting me.  My sad excuse for a visor would not block all of the sun, so I came up with the idea of a visor extender.  I hope to expand more on this one day to include a shade of some sort to cover the window.  But for now, this helps.

I have include several pockets and even a small zippered pouch.

Ruffle edge knitted scarf

I had a request from Mom to make her a light a frilly scarf that she can wear in the Fall/ Spring seasons.  The scarf in general was a simple knit stitch.  I made it narrow for a lighter effect and to wrap around a couple times.  The ruffle edge was harder than expected.  I followed a YouTube video for instruction.  To finish off the scarf, knitting the ruffle edge backwards was not an accomplishable task.  So, I knitted a separate ruffle and then knitted the two pieces together.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Arm knitted infinity scarf

I really like the look and versatility of infinity scarves and since I don't have one of my own, I made one! Again, I went on YouTube and found an instructional video.  I had a really hard time casting on, but after that this was very easy! Now that I know what I'm doing, I could make one of these in 30 minutes.  This one used bulky yarn, which is what you want, and 2 balls of it.  Next time I will cast 6 versus 12 to make more narrow. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Manly grilling apron!

With some measurements I made this grilling apron for my brother.  I have still not perfected the skill of making clothes for someone that I am unable to have a fitting with once in a while.  Sorry Clark! Just a little large :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Yes, another scarf...

Here is another one of my latest creations.  This scarf is a Christmas gift to my niece Ellie.  I love the colors and feel of this yarn.  I think it would not be too embarrassing to wear for a girl her age :) The stitch I used on this is a Turkish Stitch or Lace-like.  Very easy, and works well for a scarf.  Again, I can't wait to see it on her!

One more scarf to go for my gift giving...I think.  I actually enjoy making these scarves because it gives me an opportunity to practice different stitches.  Nothing wrong with that since I am a newbie!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Project of the day

Since it was near 95 degrees today, I thought today would be the perfect day to start and finish my next project.  

With some scrap denim fabric, fabric and quilt interface that I bought, I made a case for our iPad mini.  

It was pretty simple taking only a couple of hours to complete.  The interfacing provides a nice protective padding.  I didn't want to add any clasp to hold the flap closed since I was afraid that it could damage the iPad if it was sandwiched between something.  So a fold in of the flap works for now.

This is really Sam's toy, so I am sure he will sport this case proudly in front of his clients :))

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Other things I have worked on that I haven't posted

Just to showcase my sewing talent (eh hem), here are some things I have made in in the past.

Here is another one of my clothes pin hangers.  They are very handy for things besides clothes pins.  I use mine for all my knitting/ crochet needles.  I made this one for my Mom about a year or more ago.  It still hangs in there with the conditions they live in.  I took this picture on my recent trip out there and the one below I took in August 2012.

With no pattern on hand, I made this BBQ apron for my Dad based solely on measurements   I must of thought he was 10 feet tall, look at the length on that!! Thankfully when he washed it, it shrunk and now fits perfectly.  Do you still wear it +Clark Jillson ?

I originally made this shirt for me, but it didn't fit.  So I gave it to my Mom.  Looks great on her!

I made this sewing machine cover out of scraps.  No pattern and was very easy.

 I made this apron from a pattern with some modifications for Mom.  It's cute but probably not very practical.  She pulls it out of hiding when I come over :))   

A knitting fool...or maybe just a fool :)

So I have been VERY behind in posts and projects.  With some more time on my hands these days, I have the chance to work on some things again...yay!

I am getting into knitting and I am pretty new at this so please don't laugh at my attempts here :) Our neighbor has helped me with learning knit and pearl.  The rest I have learned from YouTube.

This scarf took me forever to make! The yarn is perfect and was given to me by my neighbor.  I made this for my 6 yr. old niece Nora as her Christmas gift (2013).  I can't wait to see her with it on :) I brought it with me on my visit to my parents and finished it there.  I used a knit stitch for the entire scarf.

This scarf is for me :) I bought this very soft Made in the USA yarn and wanted a thick scarf for whenever I take a trip to some cold weather.  I started this scarf with a plan in mind but then I just went in a different direction depending on how it looked.  I want to make one for my Mom, but I would do it differently.  Larger needles, and a different stitch.  I used knit and pearl stitches for this which made it very tight. I finished this last night.

So what is next? I will start another scarf for my niece Ellie and a couple sewing projects I promised to my family.

Thanks for reading